World Toilet Day: WASH Timelines

November 19 is known as World Toilet Day; a day where we focus on raising awareness of sanitation worldwide. The NICC Foundation emphasizes the importance of this. Everyone in the world should have access to good sanitation.

November 19th is known as World Toilet Day, to raise awareness about sanitation throughout the world. Stichting NICC recognises the importance of this, as sanitation is a basic need for everyone.

Sjef Ernes, former managing director of Aqua for All, has been creating a WASH timeline in cooperation with Stichting NICC, to highlight the main developments and actors since 1945.

One of these important moments in the past, was the introduction of UN World Toilet Day in 2013.

As well as demonstrating the global developments, an additional timeline focussing on the Dutch side has been created.

Both timelines are “work in progress” so comments and remarks are most welcome and can be sent to

Global WASH timeline

Netherlands WASH timeline

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