Webinar “Valuing Water History” was great success

Eager young professionals and students interacted with experienced sector professionals during NICC’s first webinar “Valuing Water History” last Tuesday, 30 June 2020. A total of almost 20 participants exchanged ideas and views on two different water timelines – on Yemen and on hand pumps. The webinar also provided the opportunity for young professionals to find potential knowledge buddies through NICC – experts that have been around long enough to see emerging trends and changing approaches over time, as well as so-called tipping points. For example, on handpumps, the change from a community-based management approach to family management or self-supply. By asking probing questions, the young professionals challenged the seniors to critically reflect on their past experiences.

Video recording of webinar:

Webinar: Valuing Water History (June 30, 2020) from TheWaterChannel on Vimeo.

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