Webinar Timeline Water Sanitation and Health very engaging

Game changers in the past and future

The approach to water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) has shifted largely throughout the past decades. What were the big game changers that impacted WASH interventions?

Tuesday 15 December 2020 Stichting NICC organised a webinar about this.

Sjef Ernes highlighted some of the most intriguing facts of WASH.

Following this, a discussion took place where ideas were shared and personal opinions exchanged. Much emphasis appeared during the discussion to look at the importance of data acquisition-analysis and community feedback systems.

Advocacy might include this feedback mechanism to show successful, replicable interventions (like Self Supply). Using timelines to analyse trends and developments offers opportunities to set priorities.

Other timelines were announced including an urban water&sanitation timeline. A big thank you to the participants! Thanks to your inputs the timeline can continue to develop!

Recording of WASH Webinar

Time lines Water

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