The King’s Speech from the Throne & International Cooperation

During his speech from the throne on September 15, 2020, King Willem-Alexander said the following:

“In the year of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, national self-interest unfortunately dominates increasingly and the multilateral world system has come under further pressure. For the Dutch government there is no doubt that well-functioning international institutions and international cooperation are necessary to tackle problems that no country or region can master on its own. This applies to issues of peace and security, to the climate crisis, to the future of our energy supply, to the fight against poverty and now also to the fight against the coronavirus”.

We, too, believe that international cooperation is more important than ever, especially for a relatively small country like the Netherlands. We find it crucial to be inspired by the past. Do you share this view? Then take a look at the website of NICC and contribute! Both substantive and financial contributions are always welcome!

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