Web Table Talk: Water, satellite data and games

Achieving food security while sustainably using water resources is an important challenge today and in the future. WaPOR, FAO’s portal to monitor Water Productivity through Open-access of Remotely sensed derived data, gives users access to a wide variety of near-real-time satellite data on water productivity. This data can be used to design strategies to increase water productivity and farmers’ resilience to drought while respecting the environment and making equitable use of water resources.

The NICC Foundation organized 29-03-2021 an interactive panel discussion about how this data can be used and what this could mean for the future of water management, agriculture and sustainable development. The speakers of the panel were prof. Wim Bastiaanssen of Earth Observations for Water Resources Management and entrepreneur. Founder of IrriWatch, Hans van ‘t Woud, CEO of BlackShore solving world problems using the power of the crowd, satellites and the game Cerberus – both using WaPOR – and Job Kleijn, a former diplomat in water affairs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one of the initiators.

Watch the recording of this NICC-Table-Talk on WaPOR

WaPOR is also mentioned in the timelines on ‘Groundwater Resources’ and ‘Yemen, NL and Water .

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