NICC Foundation plans to develop ‘Fair Trade’ timelines

Together with those directly involved, the NICC Foundation wants to develop new timelines around ‘Fair Trade’, a matter on which the Netherlands has played a pioneering role for over thirty years.

Initially, a timeline will be set up around ‘Fair Trade’ in the narrow sense of the word. This timeline will focus on fairtrade shops and on the establishment of Max Havelaar. Upon the establishment of Max Havelaar, in addition to coffee, more and more products were gradually certified in sustainable trade channels. Attention was paid both to the socio-economic conditions and environmental impact in the production regions as well as to other areas of the trade channels.

In the light of the new timelines to be developed, the NICC Foundation also received permission from the organisations involved to include the necrology for the deceased Bert Beekman, who died on 23 March, in its digital collection. Bert was the first director of Max Havelaar (founded in 1988). The In Memoriam was written by Nico Roozen, who initiated Max Havelaar while being part of the Solidaridad organization. Nico Roozen was also a long-time board member of the Max Havelaar Foundation.

In addition to the above mentioned ‘pure’ Fair Trade timeline, the NICC Foundation also wants to use timelines to focus on Fair Trade in the broader sense of the word, such as improving access for developing countries to the markets of rich countries and sustainability tables and covenants between companies and the Dutch government, particularly with regard to palm oil and/or soy.

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