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The NICC Gender Timelines are online!  On Monday, December 13, we launched the new NICC gender timelines. After more than 2 years of hard work, our great gender working group presented the first versions of a chronological and a topics timeline. During a Web-Table-Talk, the compilers gave insight into the process and which choices were … Continue reading “LAUNCH of new GENDER TIMELINES!”

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Yemen, NL and water: event report

This physical event was in collaboration with SIB-Utrecht and took place on 23 November 2021 from 20.00 till 21.30 at Instituto Cervantes Utrecht. The water supply and sanitation in Yemen is characterized by many challenges. Being one of the most water scarce countries in the world makes it difficult for Yemini citizens to access clean … Continue reading “Yemen, NL and water: event report”

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Inspire and be inspired

Sharing influential sources in international cooperation  On the 18th of October Stichting NICC hosted the first event of the series ‘Be Inspired’. During this event experts and young professionals were given the opportunity to connect and discuss their sources of inspiration. The participants talked about what motivates them to work in international cooperation and what sources of inspiration are important. … Continue reading “Inspire and be inspired”

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Web Table Talk Egypt-The Netherlands water cooperation

On the 25th of May the NICC foundation hosted a web-table-talk about the Egypt – Netherlands water cooperation timeline: A summation of the 60+ years of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the Egyptian water sector. The aim of the timeline is to provide a historical context to newcomers in the Egyptian water sector and … Continue reading “Web Table Talk Egypt-The Netherlands water cooperation”

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Fair Trade Timeline online

On the day that multiple fair trade organisations ask attention for the importance of fair trade for sustainable development, NICC publishes a timeline on the history of this fair trade movement and the involvement of Dutch organisations in this movement. The timeline is based on various items from the NICC collection, several online sources, and … Continue reading “Fair Trade Timeline online”

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Web Table Talk on Urban Water Supply and Sanitation

The role of ‘water tools’ in urban water and sanitation facilities was the main topic during the NICC-Web- Table-Talk held on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. The recording of this is available here online. The NICC – Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Web-Table-Talk revers to the NICC Urban RSS timeline. The timeline provides an overview of … Continue reading “Web Table Talk on Urban Water Supply and Sanitation”

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Web Table Talk: Water, satellite data and games

Achieving food security while sustainably using water resources is an important challenge today and in the future. WaPOR, FAO’s portal to monitor Water Productivity through Open-access of Remotely sensed derived data, gives users access to a wide variety of near-real-time satellite data on water productivity. This data can be used to design strategies to increase … Continue reading “Web Table Talk: Water, satellite data and games”

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Development cooperation: what are the positions of the political parties?

On March 17, the general elections will take place in The Netherlands. Voting advice is given through various platforms, where the positions of political parties and what they stand for at home and abroad are shown. What about international development cooperation and how high is this theme on their political agenda? The international cooperation-oriented organizations … Continue reading “Development cooperation: what are the positions of the political parties?”

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Jakkie Cilliers: ‘Africa First!’

On February 18, 2021, Foundation NICC was following an online presentation by the South African author Jakkie Cilliers of his book ‘Africa First! : Igniting a growth revolution’, followed by discussions. Mr. Cilliers is Head of the African Futures & Innovation at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and he is also Chairman of the … Continue reading “Jakkie Cilliers: ‘Africa First!’”

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Webinar ‘Groundwater’: history met future for water adaptation – watch recording

Groundwater a vital resource. However, out of public sight and hence out of political mind. With new technologies, groundwater becomes more visible, as are the potentials and limits of its use. What developments took place throughout the past 75 years? Albert Tuinhof, Frits Dirks and Ebal Smidt gave on January 26th, 2021 inspiring presentations and … Continue reading “Webinar ‘Groundwater’: history met future for water adaptation – watch recording”

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