Inspire and be inspired

Sharing influential sources in international cooperation 

On the 18th of October Stichting NICC hosted the first event of the series ‘Be Inspired’. During this event experts and young professionals were given the opportunity to connect and discuss their sources of inspiration.

The participants talked about what motivates them to work in international cooperation and what sources of inspiration are important.

One participant stressed how personal encounters were a big source of inspiration. He explained that meeting (young) people who are resourceful and in some way affected by your work makes it worthwhile and strives you to do better.

Other people discussed how global topics, like data sharing, climate change, feminism and human rights, motivates them to dedicate their work to international cooperation. At the same time it was clear that real change comes from bottom-up initiatives, showing the need to reflect and evolve as professionals in international cooperation.

The discussion was an inspiring start for a webpage on which NICC would like to share inspiring stories, persons, archive material, and small videos.

In the future, we strive to organise more events with the topic of inspiration as well.

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