The NICC Foundation is always looking for enthusiastic interns and volunteers with different talents and passions.
Take a look at our current vacancies, or contact us directly to discuss what options are available and what would suit you best. Send an email to, we would be happy to meet with you!

Internship: Work with our collection on Dutch international cooperation and write history!

Do you recognize the growing importance of international cooperation in these times of globalisation and climate change? Are you interested in the history of international cooperation? Then the NICC Foundation is looking for you!

What will you do?
The NICC Foundation (Netherlands International Cooperation Collection) is committed to making experiences with international cooperation and sustainable development more transparent and insightful. NICC also wants to connect initiatives, link experience to new knowledge, and promote discussions. In this way, NICC wants to contribute to a more sustainable and connected global society.

The NICC provides context on international cooperation through timelines. The timelines create an overview of the developments on a certain theme (e.g. gender or water).
Interviews (oral histories) and materials from our collection are the basis of the timelines. As an NICC intern you will work together with experts on creating these timelines for a variety of themes. Another option is to start a new timeline as an individual study project.
You will also support the NICC with communication tasks, such as internal communication with volunteers, social media and the organization of events and web-table-talks (webinars) about the timelines.

What can we offer you?
– A small, internationally oriented organization with enthusiastic volunteers with experience in and a passion for international cooperation and sustainable development.
– A chance to gain experience and to further develop various skills and competencies.
– The space to develop your own creative ideas and to support the development of NICC as an organization

Volunteers Fair Trade Timeline

Are you interested in Fair Trade and the “Wereldwinkels”? Would you like to cooperate with others on creating a context on international cooperation? Or maybe you are someone who likes to bring people together?

Join the NICC foundation as a volunteer for our Fair Trade Timeline!

This timeline has been created by the Fair Trade Workgroup and has been published on our website.
Naturally, we are very proud of this timeline and want to continue the work of the previous group. A timeline is a living document after all!
New activities and initiatives of cooperation are currently starting up between the NICC and other organizations and we would like to use those opportunities to further develop the Fair Trade timeline.
In light of these activities, we are also looking for people to help promote the timeline and raise awareness for the work we are doing among organizations, students and professionals in the sector.

What will you do?
First and foremost we are looking for people who are interested in re-starting this timeline. But of course we also need people in supporting roles, if you’re more interested in adding recent developments to the timeline for example.
Or maybe you find yourself more attracted to the promotion side of things? In that case you could be involved with activities such as organizing lectures, debates, webinars or events in cooperation with other organizations.

And of course we are open to any other ideas and initiatives! Send an e-mail to and we would be happy to meet with you and hear your ideas for the timeline!

Volunteers Climate Timeline

Are you interested in climate? History? International relations? Or maybe you are interested in all of these?

Good news! The NICC Foundation has started a brand new timeline on climate change and is looking for volunteers! This working group consists of enthusiastic, motivated people who will be doing a deep dive into Dutch international cooperation on climate change.

What will you do?
The Climate work group is still in the early stages of the process. Right now, they are focused on determining the most important moments, periods and tipping points in regards to Dutch climate policy, and how to incorporate these into a timeline.
In other words, a good time to join in, since the group has only just started as is still in need of more volunteers. Whether you are knowledgeable on this subject, or simply interested and have a wish to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Volunteers webdevelopment

Are you good with WordPress? Or maybe you like working on websites and are interested in becoming skilled in WordPress? Then this volunteering position is the one for you!

What will you do?
We are looking for a volunteer to help us make certain improvements to the website, as well as the day-to-day activities. You will be doing back end things like adding new video’s or timelines to the website and keeping the “news” page up to date, while also helping with new projects like improving our SEO scores and getting NICC started with Google Ads.

And of course we are always open to new ideas and initiatives! So whether you have a preference for the day-to-day tasks, or want to talk to us about your own ideas for our website, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly meet with you to look at the options!