The NICC foundation was founded in mid-2017 and effectively started in early 2018.

Below is more information about the board, committee of recommendation, volunteers, resource persons and links to foundation documents.


The board of the NICC foundation currently consists of five people:

The board meets at least every quarter and more often if necessary. For specific themes, the board wants to set up committees that provide context to the content of the collection material.

Committee of Recommendation

The NICC Foundation can look forward to the support of more and more supporters. This has led to the establishment of a Committee of Recommendation, the members of which have indicated that they are committed to the NICC foundation and, if necessary, to support the NICC foundation.

Members are: Marc Dierkx, Ton Dietz, Sjef Ernes, Loek Hermans, Ron Keller, Bram van Ojik, Henk Ovink, Sybe Schaap, Marja Spierenburg and Andy Wehkamp. The board strives for even more diversity in the composition of this committee.

Volunteers and interns

NICC mainly works with volunteers – young and experienced – from both the international cooperation angle and the creative sector. They operate in intergenerational working groups. At least twice a year the board will organise a meeting with the volunteers to discuss the NICC policy. In addition, NICC will attract extra manpower in the form of trainees and, for example, people who are in a coaching trajectory.

We are currently looking for manpower to classify subjects based on the current documentation. If you are interested in helping out and being part of this initiative, please click here.

Resource persons

The NICC Foundation relies on a growing group of resource persons who have indicated that they want to share their knowledge and participate in the activities that help achieve the objectives. We can also approach these resource persons if people want to know more – especially ‘young professionals’ – about certain subjects, projects and / or countries where the Netherlands is or has been active in the field of international cooperation. If you are interested in helping out and being part of this initiative, please click here.

Documents (Dutch only)

documents of the NICC Foundation are available here