Objective of the NICC Foundation as expressed in the statutes

The aim of the foundation is to preserve, make accessible and use material related to Dutch international cooperation aimed at global sustainable development. In addition, NICC is also involved in activities related to the above.

The foundation wants to achieve this goal by:

to take care of

The foundation has no profit motive.

Target groups

NICC wants to reach the following target groups in the period 2018 – 2019.

  1. Organisations and people who are or have been involved as volunteers, consultants, social entrepreneurs, diplomats, etc. in international activities aimed at sustainable development and/or poverty reduction
  2. Dutch and international students from higher vocational education and university programmes and mid-career professionals, mainly from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East
  3. At certain exhibitions and events also a wider public, including secondary school teachers and secondary school students, expatriates working in the Netherlands and international visitors.

Cooperation partners

  1. Organisations and persons who are or have been internationally oriented and/or active
  2. Art academies and training courses on communication and the use and management of collections
  3. Other collections


The collection contains material on sustainability and poverty reduction, including the following subjects: