Web Table Talk Egypt-The Netherlands water cooperation

On the 25th of May the NICC foundation hosted a web-table-talk about the Egypt – Netherlands water cooperation timeline: A summation of the 60+ years of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the Egyptian water sector.

The aim of the timeline is to provide a historical context to newcomers in the Egyptian water sector and anyone else who might be interested.

During this NICC web-table-talk we presented the concept timeline to create a dialogue on the timelines historical content and its significance with future challenges in mind.

Additionally, the web-table-talk provided an unique discussion platform to connect past and present water sector experts with the experts of the future.  

The speakers of the event were Mostafa Ahmed Farouk, Mohamed Magdy Abdelwahab, Sherine Elwatter, Perihane Allam, Wouter Wolters, and Ebel Smidt. 

You can watch the recording of this event here

Update 7 July: the latest version of the Egypt-NL-Water timeline has been posted online

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